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The ideas we picked up just by reading articles online
- Praveen Chunduru

As people looking to positively impact students in low-income schools with good use of technology, we here at VideosForKnowledge do quite a bit of reading, to keep up to date with technology, look for new ideas in content, figure out new ways of increasing outreach, and learn how to track impact better. 
As a core member of VFK, I find reading to be of utmost importance in my job. I'll be the first to admit that several of my personal best ideas came not from experience or great thought, but simply by figuring out how we  can apply something I read in the VFK scope. 
Here are 3 things that I picked up just over the last month from reading online:
  1. The importance of online marketing - this video on how to maximize Facebook presence has been particularly good.
  2. Having a strong off-email communications platform - this post really encouraged us to switch to Asana for task management, and now we're looking at Slack for real-time communication. 
  3. In preparing our corporate brochure (for future fundraising), this post containing the checklist of things to cover in a VC pitch has been really helpful. 
The platform I personally use for staying up-to-date with my reading is Feedly, which lets me select the feeds I want to follow. 
My colleagues sent me a death threat to get me to stop revealing more secrets.
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